NetTN Association

The NetTN Association consists of the NetTN Program Office, NetTN Partners and AT&T.

NetTN Program Office

The NetTN Program Office manages communications between NetTN partners and oversees the management, operations and execution of the NetTN contract.

Ed Collins

NetTN, Operations Program Manager

Toni Thomas

Teresa Lewin


AT&T is responsible for the design, implementation, and management of the NetTN network.

Tom Goughenour

Sales Director/State Government

(615) 986-1923

Rick Goldstein

Account Manager/State Government

(615) 986-3420

Carrie Spears

Account Manager/State Government

(615) 986-3415 

AT&T Life Cycle Management Team (LCM)

The Life Cycle Management Team (LCM) is composed of AT&T personnel who assist the NetTN Program office in the management & operation of the NetTN Network.

Dave Tyler

LCM Director

(615) 986-1912

NetTN Partners

The NetTN Partners consists of the members that utilize the private MPLS NetTN network.