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In 2008, AT&T was awarded the NetTN contract for telecommunication services. This contract includes the data network products and services that support the statewide10 Gbps backbone infrastructure, utilizing Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to facilitate secure, redundant, high performance wide area network connectivity. NetTN is a fully meshed network in compliance with the latest convergence technology. It can be scaled to any office’s size and needs, and it accommodates various access methods such as DSL, Private Line, Metro Ethernet and Wavelength services. The details of the base NetTN Contract are available here. The latest NetTN Catalog of Service offerings, with rates, is available here.

The basic design of the NetTN MPLS network allows each customer’s data traffic to travel a Virtual Private Network (VPN) path from the point of entry into the network to the final destination. Customers can control which of their offices are allowed to communicate with other customer offices and those that must maintain complete separation. MPLS allows for the co-existence of all government, education, eHealth, 911 and non-profit organizations on the network, along with providing the products and services needed to support new technologies and multiple options for connectivity, performance, and quality of service.

The NetTN network is designed and constructed to accommodate data, voice (VoIP), multimedia and video over the same access circuit. Differentiated Sevices (DiffServ) is utilized within the network for end to end IP QoS features.

NetTN is designed for 99.999% accuracy at the core and 99.95% accuracy at the end sites. (See “Service level Agreements” in the NetTN contract information.)

Service Components or Product Features included in Base Price:

  • Circuit to the customer premises
  • Managed router services (Cisco model dependent on circuit size)
  • Internet access (optional)
  • Managed firewall security to and from the Internet
  • Managed intrusion prevention and intrusion detection to and from the Internet
  • Connectivity to all other sites on the NetTN network
  • Internet2 for eligible entities
  • Proactive network management and monitoring
  • Industry leading service level agreements

Optional NetTN Managed Services

Managed Internet Service

For those customers who are looking for Internet access only, the NetTN contract is meeting those needs. Customers can order Internet service from T1 to 1Gbps. Please call and verify availability in your area.

Email, Content Filtering, and web hosting services are also available.

Non-managed services include low cost

Point-to-Point Data Circuits

For those end users who need unmanaged data connectivity to support the connection between service locations, NetTN provides DSL, T1 or a DS3 at a low cost.

Primary Rate ISDN Service

The NetTN contract provides its customers with low cost PRI service for many locations throughout Tennessee. This service is only available in certain areas.

On-Line Catalog

The Contract between the State of Tennessee, Department of Finance and Administration and AT&T Corporation defines the various service categories and the individual services offered to NetTN users.

The NetTN Association functions on behalf of these user communities:

  • NG911
  • K – 12
  • Libraries and Local Government
  • Non Profits
  • Private Higher Education Institutions
  • Strategic Technology Solutions (formerly OIR)
  • Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR)
  • University of Tennessee

The Catalog of Service (COS) contains the latest categories and services available in the NetTN contract.

NetTN Contract

NetTN Catalog


NetTN Catalog