9-1-1 Innovation in the Volunteer State

by NetTN | Sep 09, 2015

September 11, 2015

When an emergency, disaster or accident strikes, everyone knows the drill:  dial 9-1-1.  But in emergencies, speed is paramount and accuracy is critical. The speed with which help comes and the information first responders have when they arrive has traditionally been impacted by the limitations of technology.

Tennessee has updated its legacy, analog 9-1-1 system to a digital, IP-based platform that is helping dispatchers and responders assess situations and execute optimal plans of action at the rapid pace that emergencies require.  The IP-based network allows individuals in rural areas to receive the same level of service as their big-city counterparts in Nashville and Memphis.

Tennessee’s next-generation statewide network consolidates the state’s jurisdictions into a single entity, ensuring faster response times – and increasing the number of lives saved.

Additionally, neighboring states that set up their own IP-based 9-1-1 systems in the future will be able to link with Tennessee’s system, enabling faster transfers of information and sharing of resources across state lines, all in the interest of public safety.

Society is increasingly relying on mobile technology, as more people – young and old – use mobile phones exclusively.  Tennessee’s next generation digital system has the capability of getting information such as where the person is calling from, the latitude and longitude and have a map pop up with them on it.  Potentially, the IP platform can be leveraged to in corporate text, picture and video capabilities in the system. 

Tennessee collaborated with AT&T to implement the new statewide solution.  The IP-based 9-1-1 statewide solution is revolutionizing emergency response within Tennessee’s borders.  All cities and communities, large and small, urban or rural, will gain access to the highest level of emergency services possible.